How We Work

OUR values

Principles and values

We are grounded in purpose and driven by values. We don’t chase trends; we’re focused on making a lasting difference for the people and the environment.

Trust-based partnerships: Longstanding trust-based partnerships, particularly with local organizations, communities, and stakeholders, form the bedrock of our collaborative efforts and sustainability.

Transparency and Accountability: We uphold exemplary governance, management, and ethics, serving as a model organization. Our horizontal and decentralized governance fosters a culture of innovation, initiative and adaptive capacities.

Valuing diversity and well-being: We prioritize diversity, well-being, and personal growth, nurturing talent and fostering partnerships to achieve our ambitious goals.

Decolonizing research and development: We actively work towards decolonizing research, development, and education, promoting equitable and inclusive practices.

Commitment to transformation: Driven by a profound commitment to impact, we collectively pursue ambitious objectives with enthusiasm and perseverance, leaving a positive mark on our planet.

Inclusivity and reducing inequalities: Our commitment to inclusiveness extends to promoting transformative pathways that benefit all, with a special focus on empowering those at the lower end of the socio-economic ladder. We actively work to reduce global inequalities and protect and restore ecosystems to ensure just development.

System thinking for sustainable change: we integrate diverse knowledge forms, academic and non-academic alike, employing systemic thinking to address complex challenges and drive sustainable transformations.


Tiafoura, Thies Region


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